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And the Winner for Best Screenplay in an Android Bug Report is …

“People are implementing IPv6 only networks with DHCPv6. Please implement RFC 3315.” by someone named Tyler.

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TextUtils.isDigitsOnly Returns True if Given an Empty String

I happened across this problem while using the Android SDK’s TextUtils.isDigitsOnly() method recently. This is the body of that method from the API 27 source: Someone filed a bug report against it in January 2012. It seems no progress toward a fix has been made. The app I’m coding is in Kotlin, and my first…

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Flutter’s Hot Reload is Extremely Fast

Trying out Flutter’s “hot reload” feature, I have to say: it’s really fast. Hot reload looks like a big step forward in productivity, even compared to conventional Android’s “Instant Run” feature. Great job, Team Flutter.

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Android Studio 3.0 Released. Woo Hoo.

Took me 4 days to realize it, but they have officially released a stable version of Android Studio 3. Woo hoo. I’m officially looking forward to the stable release of Android Studio 3.1 now.

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To Change the Option Menu’s Text Color and Typeface, I Got Rid of the Whole Thing

For a Halloween mapping app I was working on recently, I wanted to change the color and typeface of items in the standard options menu. After trying some obvious things, like experimenting with text/color/font related attributes on the ‘item’ tag and monkeying around with the app’s theme, I found that I do not know how…

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GPS Library’s New Automatic OSS License Notice

This will save developers work and eliminate errors in the process. Google Play Services now offers an automatic way to list the open source software an app uses. The app developer no longer has to maintain a separate list of libraries in a dialog. Instead, the new GPS Open Source Software gradle plugin will gather…

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Browzacado Is Dead

Sorry. The Google Play Store has informed me that my ad-free, free, non-profit avocado browser app for Android violated the terms and conditions of the store. They have suspended the app. I meant neither to offend nor to exploit UC Riverside’s excellent avocado database. I only wanted to make it available in a more convenient…

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Android Library for Reading Bluetooth Data from a Contec Pulse Oximeter

I’ve released an open source library for reading the real-time Bluetooth data stream from a Contec Medical Systems Pulse Oximeter (model CMS50FW). The test and demo app can be compiled from the Github source or or downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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CMS50FWLib Test App Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs your use of the software application CMS50FWLib Test App (“Application”) for mobile devices that was created by Albert Braun. The Application is designed to test the CMS50FWLib open source library. User Provided Information The Application obtains the information you provide when you download and install the Application. Automatically Collected Information The Application…

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WifiDLite is my experimental, alpha-version, open-source Android library which tries to make it easier to do basic WiFi Direct tasks. The idea is to encapsulate away some of the nuts and bolts of programming Wifi Direct on Android and offer a simpler API for Wifi Direct tasks. For example, WifiDLite spares you the work of getting an instance of WifiP2pManager, initializing it…

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